I Thought The World Was Listening

This double disc retrospective features remastered tracks from throughout Wilson's solo career, including 5 new re-recorded versions and 6 previously unreleased songs.

Track listing Disc 1

Beating Inside
Please Don't Leave Me...
Never Close The Door
One Life
A Long Way Home
Naturally (acoustic version)
Homegrown (demo version)
Adam's Child
Quietly Spoken (acoustic version)
When I Leave This Land
She's Like A Fable
See You There
Wedding Song

Track listing Disc 2

Array Of Lights
Brightest Way
Light In The Middle
For The One I Long
Warning Light
Moment Of Your Doubt
Fine Weather (acoustic version)
Nothing In This World… (acoustic version)
Just The Way It Goes
Feels Good
Nothing Without You
Part Of Me (acoustic version)